Coach Kim Mok-kyung, “PO probability is never low…win 2:0 and wait”

August 3, 2023 | by pondokslot.com

DRX defeated OK Savings Bank Brion 2:0 in the second round of the regular season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split at Jonggak Roll Park on Wednesday. While they still have to wait to see how the other teams fare, DRX’s chances of making the playoffs have improved with the rest of the bracket.

Below is the full interview with head coach Kim Mok-kyung and Kim “Croco” Dong-bum.

Q. How do you feel about today’s win?

Coach Kim Mok-kyung: It was a very important game to decide the playoffs, so we came with a little bit of pressure, but I’m happy that the players did a good job and played well.

‘Croco’: The manager and coaches prepared for the Banpik very well, so we felt very comfortable playing without any anxiety. I’m also happy that the team as a whole seemed to work well together.

Q. Do you have a strategy for the game against OK Savings Bank Brion?

Coach Kim Mok-kyung: We were most conscious of the banfic. Right now, the Eastern teams don’t have a lot of wins, and when I understood why, I thought it was because they don’t have a lot of champions who can handle it well. So I thought that we should use sniper bans mainly on mid champions who are relatively good at it, and operate with a mid initiative.

Q. Patch 13.14 is now live. What was the most important change?

Director Kim Mok-kyung: I thought the most important thing was to organize the tiers by line. Also, in any patch, mid-jungle dominance is the most important thing in LoL, so we organized the ban picks around that.

Q. In Game 2, there was a moment in the mid-jungle fight where you went in for Tristana and failed. I’d like to hear what happened.

‘Croco’: I knew my opponent had a blink. On my way out, Tristana was getting hit by a minion, and I thought that if I went in with Blink+W, I’d be able to chase her down and get some mana. I guess I got complacent.

Q. In the first and second sets, you had a strong feeling that you read your opponent’s numbers, do you think your predictions worked out well?

Coach Kim Mok-kyung: We knew that OK Savings Bank Brion is a team that doesn’t play a lot of different compositions, but rather one-hit objectives. We wanted to match that and only play initiative fights in the initiative line, and we also wanted to make sure that we avoided the fights that we should avoid in Object and only took the fights that we could win, so that we would definitely win. We practiced well, so we knew that if we put the right combinations together, we could win easily.

Q. Your movement in the first set looked very good 스포츠토토.

‘Croco’: When we did the nocturne, I thought that even if we turned off the lights, they would feel threatened because it was a rushing combination. My other teammates made good adjustments and went in well, so I was just spooning.

Q. Your last opponent is Guangdong Freaks. How will you prepare for them?

Coach Kim Mok-kyung: For the coaching staff, I think the first thing is to prepare for a banpik where the players can play relatively comfortably and do well. We had a good atmosphere in practice and it showed in the results, and I think we were operationally perfect today. I made a few mistakes, but they were small enough that I was able to make up for them. I think we can win if we make fewer mistakes and solidify the things we do well.

Q. With the playoff race in full swing, how do you see your chances of advancing?

Coach Kim Mok-kyung: Actually, what we wanted was to advance on our own, and since that was not possible, we don’t want to put odds on it. Instead, we are thinking about what we can do. I think we’ll try to win all of our remaining games 2-0 and pray and wait.

Q. What’s the last thing you want to say?

Coach Kim Mok-kyung: It is difficult to advance on our own, but I think the odds are not low considering the other teams in the bracket if we win the next match 2:0. We will come back well prepared so that we can finish the last game 2:0.

‘Croco’: Today’s 2:0 win gives us a lot of hope that we can make it to the playoffs. We want to prepare well for the Guangdong Freaks and show our fans that we’re going to the playoffs.


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