Nexon Q2 Operating Profit of 264 Billion KRW, Continued Strong Performance

August 9, 2023 | by pondokslot.com

Nexon posted another strong second quarter.

Nexon today reported second-quarter revenue of 90.28 billion won, operating income of 264 billion won, and net income of 234.6 billion won 토토사이트.

Revenue increased 12%, operating income increased 22%, and net income decreased 7% compared to the same period last year.

“In the second quarter of this year, we recorded sales in line with our expectations, with good performance in various genres, from authentic soccer games across PC and mobile, such as ‘FIFA Online 4’ and ‘FIFA Mobile,’ to MMORPGs such as ‘Blue Archive,’ ‘Princia Biography,’ and ‘Hit 2,’ which are gaining popularity in Japan, the home of the subculture genre,” Nexon said.

Nexon said “Dungeon & Fighter” in China also performed in line with expectations as the Labor Day update and 15th anniversary update were well received, while “Blue Archive” in Japan and “Hit 2” in Taiwan also contributed to the quarterly growth.

Nexon said the good momentum continues. “Dave the Diver,” which launched globally in June, has maintained an “overwhelmingly positive” review rating on Steam due to its high-quality content and original gameplay, and “Hit 2,” which launched in Taiwan in May, became the No. 1 most popular game upon launch and remained the top grossing game for more than 10 days.

Nexon is preparing a variety of new games, including massively multiplayer PvP, root shooters, team-based shooters, and cooperative shooters. “From ‘Warhaven,’ a large-scale PvP game in a medieval fantasy setting, to ‘First Descendant,’ a third-person root shooter, to ‘The Finals,’ a team-based FPS game, to ‘Arc Raiders,’ a third-person PvPvE escape shooter, we are accelerating the development of globally customized games that break away from the existing grammar,” the company said.

Nexon also announced today that it will begin a 20 billion yen ($19.12 billion) share buyback starting Oct. 10, following board approval.


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