‘Top talent’ Bae Joon-ho joins Stoke City…”with the idea of representing Daejeon”

August 31, 2023 | by pondokslot.com

Another European has arrived.

English Championship (2nd division) side Stoke City announced on May 31 that they have signed Bae Jun-ho (20) on a four-year contract. He has been playing in England for just two years.

He has been recognized as a top talent since his high school days. He was an ace who led his team to various tournaments. In 2022, he joined the Daejeon Hana Citizens and began his professional career. She made 10 appearances in 2022, scoring one goal. He was consistently called up to the age-group national team, and at the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup, he scored one goal and provided three assists in four games, helping his country reach the quarterfinals.

Shortly after the U-20 World Cup, Bae received interest from European clubs before heading to Stoke City. He played his farewell game against Jeonbuk Hyundai on Sept. 25 and departed via Incheon International Airport on Sept. 28.

Ricky Martin, Stoke City’s Technical Director, said: “Junho Bae caught our eye at the U-20 World Cup with his immense talent,” “We were looking for players outside of England and Europe and saw him playing in the K League. “We were looking for players outside of England and Europe and saw him playing in the K League. He showed a lot of technical improvement and we thought he was a good fit for our squad.

“I wanted the opportunity to play in Europe, and it’s a dream come true. I’m just getting started. I want to play for Stoke City for a long time and have a successful career. I have to adapt to the English game. But I want to settle in as quickly as possible and help the team.” 토토사이트

He also showed his affection for his hometown team, Daejeon. Daejeon welcomed Bae Jun-ho to Europe for the first time since the club was acquired by Hana Financial Group. “I was able to achieve my first goal as a soccer player by debuting as a professional player in Daejeon, and I am grateful to the club and Hana Financial Group for supporting me to move on to bigger goals. I will do my best with the idea of representing Daejeon everywhere.” “I received so much love from the fans in Daejeon. It’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to greet each and every one of them, but I will repay the love by becoming an even better player. Thank you for your continued support.”


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