Japan’s baseball team wins first title in 18 years…celebrates with a river

September 16, 2023 | by pondokslot.com

The Hanshin of Japanese professional baseball won the championship after 18 years.

Happy fans celebrated by jumping into a river.

Diving in excitement, a tradition for fans of this club.

This is reporter Kwon Sol.

The moment they beat Yomiuri 4-3 to clinch the title, Hanshin players rush onto the field.

Players hugging each other, rinsing the coach in the sky.

[Field sound]
“The support and high pride of the Hanshin Tigers in the center of the circle”

There are still 15 more games to go, but the championship has been clinched early, and it’s a celebration.

It’s their first championship in 18 years.

Outside the stadium, it’s a cauldron of excitement.

Men jumping into the river shouting hurrahs.

“Wow.” 토토사이트

The “no diving” on the banners and the barriers erected by the police are useless.

There’s no stopping him, and everyone cheers.

Hanshin fans have traditionally celebrated victories by diving into the Dotonbori River.

It’s the same as the last time they won, in 2003, when over 5300 people jumped in.

There’s not a needle in a haystack around the river, it’s packed with fans.

[Field sound]
“Our name shines, Hanshin Tigers.”

The subway echoes with cheers.

Japanese authorities have deployed 1,300 police, as there were even deaths during their victory 18 years ago.

Rather excited fans encourage the police to celebrate.


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